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Thank you for sharing your experiences of Content Marketing!

The aim of the survey and report is to help you and your business benchmark and review best practices and recommendations to improve your content marketing.

We have kept the survey as brief as practical to gain actionable insight, with two sections to complete, one about you and your business and the next on how you manage content marketing. All survey responses are anonymous.

Thank you from report editors: Lisa Toner, HubSpot and Dr Dave Chaffey, Smart Insights


About You

First, please tell us about your role and the organisation you work for. Please provide your email address and we'll send you a copy of the free research report as soon as it is published.

Your Role - which best describes your role?

Your Company

Your country

Number in marketing team

Your email address (to notify you about the free report only)

Planned investment in external marketing services and media for 2016

Your estimate of investment in marketing should be for marketing budget excluding salaried staff costs i.e. agency, creative and media costs.

Estimate of % 2016 spend on content marketing of all external marketing services and media investment *

Your estimate of percentage spend on content marketing should be of all marketing budget excluding salaried staff costs i.e. content planning, strategy, creation and distribution including spend related to SEO and Social media marketing.

Please just enter a whole number (no Percentage symbol required)

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